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BIGcontrols is an enterprise cloud-based compliance management solution for corporate tax credits & incentives.

::: The FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) is working toward a pronouncement in 2016 that creates new disclosure requirements on government incentives for all U.S. companies - this project is known as Topic 832.

::: Approximately $16B in value from all business incentives is lost annually. There’s a lack of collaboration on incentives across internal departments. Constant regulatory changes combined with the complexities and timing of multi-jurisdictional reporting requirements create a compliance nightmare which few enterprises successfully deal with today.

::: BIGcontrols provides tracking & task management for all tax credits and incentives in one place, enabling collaboration across the entire corporate environment. It provides a robust set of reporting tools to identify ROI by incentive across multiple types, categories, locations or years. We are also FASB 832 compliant.