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Blockchain firm BTL launches project with VISA Europe Collab


Initiative to explore the roles blockchain could play in interbank settlements in the future

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The moneybox for Millennials: meet the app empowering young people to start investing with just £1


• The Moneybox app enables users to round up everyday card purchases to the nearest pound, and invest the spare change into a Stocks & Shares ISA.
• Users can invest in thousands of companies from around the world with as little as £1, via three tracker funds.
• Moneybox will be the first app of its kind to enable users to open a Stocks & Shares ISA from their mobile phone in just a few minutes.
• The team is backed by £3.4m of pre-launch funding from leading investors including Oxford Capital and Samos Investments.
• The app is available to download from the App Store today for free.

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Innovate Finance and Innotribe Launch Global FinTech Hubs Federation Initiative


FinTech associations and network providers from more than 17 cities join Innotribe and Innovate Finance to form the Global FinTech Hubs Federation.

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Nous Global Markets launches TIQL® a revolution in personal trading

Nous Global Markets , 24/08/2016

London-based FinTech firm and Innovate Finance member Nous Global Markets (Nous®) today announced the release of TIQL®, a completely new category of financial-market trading app available on PC, Android and iOS. TIQL (pronounced “tickle”) is designed to be the world’s safest way to trade, thanks to a unique set of consumer-friendly features. To promote the app, the firm is offering a “Uniquely Good Deal” guarantee to highlight TIQL®’s benefits and unique new approach to trading.

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